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This is a Handout given to me to me for my patients. I pass it along to you.

Ways to Stop Snoring at Night

Snoring can disrupt your partner’s sleep and can also be harmful to your health. this handout contains some tips that you could do to minimize your snoring at night.

Change your sleeping position

Lying on your back makes you more prone to snoring so it would be best if you elevate the head of the bed up to 8 inches,sleep position - Bryan Keropian DDS or sleep on your side to help keep your airway open. Surrounding yourself with pillows can help prevent you from rolling onto your back in your sleep.

Avoid drinking alcohol before going to bed

Drinking alcohol before going to bed can relax your muscles, which only leads to worsened snoring at night. If you can’t help but to drink at a party or social gatherings, at least give it three to four hours before calling it a night, to minimize your possibility of snoring.


There are throat exercises that could help reduce the severity of sleep apnea and snoring. Some exercises involve chewing, swallowing, and throat muscles contractions, that could help tone the muscles on the airway, thereby reducing snoring when sleeping. So make time for such exercises so you won’t have to compromise yours and your partner’s sleep quality.

Take that bad habit away

One of the worst ways to worsen not only your snoring and sleep apnea, but your overall health as well, is smoking. Cigarette smoking tends to inflame and irritate the upper airway, which increases the tendency to develop obstructive sleep apnea and worsen snoring. If you can’t quit the habit on your own, you can always seek the help of support groups or ask your physician for nicotine replacement so you could slowly quit smoking and improve your sleep quality.

Visit your dentist

Most people are unaware that there are dentists who are trained in treating sleep apnea and help manage snoring. They can help by providing oral appliance that you can wear when sleeping to help maintain an unobstructed and open airway, which makes it a solution for people losing sleep over snoring and OSA.

Bryan Keropian DDSDr. Keropian is the founder of the Center for Snoring and CPAP Intolerance: Dr. Keropian is the inventor and patent holder of the Full Breath Solution sleep appliance. He has attained 5 FDA Certification and 5 Patents. Presently he has two patents pending. He the CEO of Full Breath Corporation.

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