The Use of ApneaRx in a Diagnostic Setting

Recently I addressed a meeting of hospital administrators who had a very simple request. “Please explain how we can implement therapy to our current programs in order to reduce our costs, and give our physicians the confidence that the oral appliances they prescribe will address the patient’s need?”  I prepared the slide presentation below to address the questions at hand. I tried to make each point research based.

I introduced a few new concepts like combination therapy and explained the use of the Nox T3 as a way of introducing home sleep testing . I really believe that testing patents during titration with an HST device will really help avoid over and under titrations.

At the end of the meeting we had a spirited discussion to say the least. The take away from the meeting was that oral appliances are here to stay. We may need to develop a reasonable way to guide patients through a diagnostic protocol to help establish candidacy.

I am interested in your thoughts please reach out to me with your comments.

Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy magazine recently interviewed Dr Hwang. I think the article really makes a great case for predicting success with oral appliances in the sleep lab Economics_Oral_Apps_LR-

I prepared the following slide presentation to help explain the use of the as a Low Cost – High Value “Predictor Device” for titratable Oral Appliance Therapy

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RandySemiahmooRandy Clare is based in Orange County California. He has spent his career working in the field of and Therapy. He spends way too much time editing Randy’s day job is as a distribution manager for CareFusion. he can be reached at


Randy Clare

Randy Clare

Randy Clare brings to The Sleep and Respiratory Scholar more than 25 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the sleep and pulmonary function field. He has held numerous management positions throughout his career and has demonstrated a unique view of the alternate care diagnostic and therapy model. He is considered by many an expert in the use of a Sleep Bruxism Monitor in a dental office. Mr. Clare's extensive sleep industry experience assists Sleepandrespiratoryscholar in providing current, relevant, data-proven information on sleep diagnostics and sleep therapies that are effective for the treatment of sleep disorders. Mr Clare is a senior brand manager for Glidewell Dental Laboratory his focus is on dental treatment for sleep disordered breathing.

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