Sleep Apnea: Raising Public Awareness…a Rising Tide

95 percent of America’s adult population is suffering from Sleep Apnea, and Governors are promoting public awareness of this condition through issuance of Public Awareness - Bryan Keropian DDSProclamations. Despite Sleep Apnea being a common condition among adults, only a few are aware that they have it. There are also some who are only informed of their condition by their bed partner observing episodes of apnea and snoring.

What pushed the government to raise awareness among their constituents is Helen Marie Bousquet recent passing at the Methuen, Massachusetts Hospital, due to Sleep Apnea. Aside from giving outpouring support for Helen, all fifty US Governors have addressed this issue through proclamations supporting information dissemination on the condition. Montana’s Governor Steve Bullock, Governor Deval Patrick from the state of Massachusetts, and Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert, were the only ones to decline issuing such and supporting campaigns that could help in bringing attention to this sleep condition. Rick Scott, Florida’s Governor, has already stated his intent to issue a proclamation for public awareness of Sleep Apnea.

Common Cents: How Steward Health Care Changed My Life, and Ended My Mothers, will be released by H Infinity Books in June 2014. The book contains general information on Sleep Apnea, as well as discussion on Stryker Products and the Steward Health Care System of Massachusetts.

Sleep Apnea is implicated in all kinds of health issues, public awareness is critical to stemming the tide of uncontrolled obesity, diabetes and heart disease. I highly support this public health initiative.


Dr. Keropian is the founder of the Center for Snoring and CPAP Intolerance: Dr. Keropian is the inventor and patent holder of the Full Breath Solution sleep appliance. He has attained 5 FDA Certification and 5 Patents. Presently he has two patents pending. He the CEO of Full Breath Corporation.

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