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Laguna Hills, CA: June 18, 2012 – The introduction of Apnea Sciences’ ApneaRx®,a new micro-adjustable sleep apnea oral appliance, at the recent American Academy
of Dental Sleep Medicine and Associated Professional Sleep Societies trade shows in Boston was a huge success according to Patrick Maley, COO. ApneaRx was
specifically designed to help provide more cost effective sleep apnea therapy. It is the ONLY boil and bite sleep apnea appliance that can be easily fitted and titrated
by the provider or patient in 1mm increments without nuts, bolts, screw driver, etc.

Time to fit ApneaRx is about 10 minutes. According to sleep physician Frank Barch of Harrisonburg, Virginia, who has sleep apnea and uses ApneaRx, “I was not surprised by the amount of enthusiasm generated by ApneaRx at the sleep meetings. I have been looking for an oral appliance like ApneaRx for some time. Sleep MDs now have an easily titratable device that can be used to help predict the clinical utility of more
expensive custom oral appliance therapy. It can also be offered to select sleep apnea patients that have no or limited health insurance as an affordable transition therapy. For appropriate patients who use PAP therapy, ApneaRx can offer a cost effective alternative when they are unable to use their PAP therapy, such as on camping trips.”

Apnea Sciences also proudly introduced CareFusion, a multi-billion dollar health care company that sells to sleep care providers, as its first distributor for ApneaRx in the United States. Maley commented that “CareFusion has a strong track record
of successfully introducing innovative and affordable products like ApneaRx to the sleep care community. CareFusion’s sleep industry connections and knowledge are particularly impressive.”

Randy Clare, CareFusion’s sleep business leader commented, “The reception of ApneaRx at the sleep shows exceeded our expectations. Sleep practitioners quickly recognized ApneaRx’s potential as a diagnostic tool to help determine who may be
responders or non-responders for more expensive custom oral appliance therapy. In addition, they viewed ApneaRx as an affordable and easy-to-use “transition” treatment alternative for those sleep apnea patients without health insurance.”

ApneaRx is a prescription device and can only be provided to patients through a licensed sleep care practitioner. Sleep care providers can order ApneaRx from the CareFusion customer service department, 800 852 7458.

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About Apnea Sciences:

ApneaRx was developed and is manufactured by Apnea Sciences. Other products are in development to address the large sleep disorder market. For more information
contact Patrick Maley,, 617 835 3757.

Randy Clare

Randy Clare

Randy Clare brings to The Sleep and Respiratory Scholar more than 25 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the sleep and pulmonary function field. He has held numerous management positions throughout his career and has demonstrated a unique view of the alternate care diagnostic and therapy model. He is considered by many an expert in the use of a Sleep Bruxism Monitor in a dental office. Mr. Clare's extensive sleep industry experience assists Sleepandrespiratoryscholar in providing current, relevant, data-proven information on sleep diagnostics and sleep therapies that are effective for the treatment of sleep disorders. Mr Clare is a senior brand manager for Glidewell Dental Laboratory his focus is on dental treatment for sleep disordered breathing.

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