OSA Safety Advisory: Federal Rail Authority

The Federal Rail Authority just published a safety advisory today on OSA.
Prompted by the recent Hoboken train station accident where the engineer was found to have untreated severe sleep apnea .
WABC image from crash of train in Hoboken NJ performance impairment as a result of fatigue, sleep loss, sleep deprivation, inadequate sleep quality, and working at odd hours, and document when employees have received the training
WABC image from crash of train in Hoboken NJ
The full Federal Register announcement can be found at https://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2016-12-05/pdf/2016-29013.pdf

Review Safety Advisory 2004-04 (69 FR 58995, Oct. 1, 2004); Effect of Sleep Disorders on Safety of Railroad Operations, in its entirety with all operating crews. Recommended actions from Safety Advisory 2004-04:

a. Establish training and educational programs to inform employees of the potential for performance impairment as a result of fatigue, sleep loss, sleep deprivation, inadequate sleep quality, and working at odd hours, and document when employees have received the training. Incorporate elements that encourage self-assessment, peer-to-peer communication, and co-worker identification accompanied by policies consistent with these recommendations. The Railroaders’ Guide to Healthy Sleep website (http://www.railroadersleep.org) has several educational resources to assist railroaders in improving their sleep health including an anonymous tool for self-screening for sleep disorders including OSA. This website is set up to disseminate educational information to railroad employees and their families about sleep disorders, the relevance of healthy sleep to railroad safety, and provide information about improving the quality of the railroaders’ sleep. The website was developed in conjunction with the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School, WGBH Educational Foundation, and Volpe—The National Transportation Systems Center.

b. Ensure that employees’ medical examinations include assessment and screening for possible sleep disorders and other associated medical conditions (including use of appropriate checklists and records). Develop standardized screening tools, or a good practices guide, for the diagnosis, referral and treatment of sleep disorders (especially OSA) and other related medical conditions to be used by company paid or recommended physicians during routine medical examinations; and provide an appropriate list of certified sleep disorder centers and related specialists for referral when necessary.

c. Develop and implement rules that request employees in safety-sensitive positions to voluntarily report any sleep disorder that could incapacitate, or seriously impair, their performance.

d. Develop and implement policies such that, when a railroad becomes aware that an employee in a safety-sensitive position has an incapacitating or performance-impairing medical condition related to sleep, the railroad prohibits that employee from performing any safety-sensitive duties until that medical condition appropriately responds to treatment.

e. Implement policies, procedures, and any necessary agreements to (1) Promote self-reporting of sleep-related medical conditions by protecting the medical confidentiality of that information and protecting the employment relationship, provided that the employee complies with the recommended course of treatment; (2) Encourage employees with diagnosed sleep disorders to participate in recommended evaluation and treatment; and (3) Establish dispute resolution mechanisms that rapidly resolve any issues regarding the current fitness of employees who have reported sleep-related medical conditions and have cooperated in evaluation and prescribed treatment.

Bob Stanton

Bob Stanton

just a truck driver with sleep apnea. Co-coordinator of the Truckers for a Cause a patient support group for truck drivers under treatment for obstructive sleep apnea. Active in lobbying and educational efforts as they apply to FMCSA medical certification guidelines and truck driver health and wellness. Truckerdad57@sbcglobal.net

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