Nox T3 medical grade sleep bruxism monitor

Nox Medical Recognized for Medical Device Innovation


Nox T3 medical grade sleep bruxism monitor
President of Iceland Export Award. The purpose of granting export activities is to draw attention to the macroeconomic importance of foreign currency and international trade and honor those who have made particularly good progress in sales and marketing of local goods and services abroad.

Icelandic technical and innovative company Nox Medical was awarded the award 2016. Petur Mar Halldorsson, Nox Medical Director accepted the award at a special ceremony at afternoon. Helgi Tomasson, artistic director, received a special honorary diploma at the same occasion.

Nox Medical global leader

Nox Medical receives award for having achieved particular success in the development and construction of medical products used for the diagnosis of sleep disorders. The company was founded in 2006 and celebrates the present 10th birthday. Founders Nox Medical are seven engineers who had previously worked with the design of medical products for the company Epilepsy moved its operations from the United States in the year 2005. The staff of nearly 50 people in Nox Medical. The company has in recent years gained a strong foothold for their products, but the main markets are in Europe and North America.

Since the establishment of Nox has worked with experts at the University Hospital sleep center in the development and testing of the equipment that produces Nox. Its operations made a profit since the first products of that, , was launched in 2009.

Nox T3 by Carefusion medical grade sleep Bruxism monitor

This was the medical devices for sleep research that was both powerful and accurate than equipment for the market, in addition to being smaller and convenient to use for patients. Nox T3 was designed specifically for the analysis of sleep disordered breathing in children, although its use is most common among adults.

CareFusion Nox T3
Nox T3 home sleep test by CareFusion in the United States

In 2013 the company put new medical devices for sleep diagnostics on the market under the name Nox A1. That device is used for more complex measurements are usually performed in health institutions but this new medical device also makes it possible to perform measurements at home.

Its turnover increased tenfold in four years

Company’s revenues come almost entirely from exports. Since 2012, sales growth has been very rapid and the company increased its turnover since then. Turnover last year was 1,500 million. Since its establishment the company has generated over 5 million in the form of foreign exchange earnings for the economy. An estimated two million individuals of all ages annually undergo a sleep study where Nox Medical equipment used and the number grows rapidly with increasing use of equipment from Nox and opening new markets. The company sold about 3,000 diagnostic tools last year, mainly to the US and Europe, but about 10% of the sale goes to Asian countries and other markets than the expected rapid growth in the coming years.

Nox T3 medical grade sleep bruxism monitor
Petur Mar Halldorsson, Medical Director Nox medical director, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson President of Iceland and Andre Puleo Director of Sleep Marketing and Product Management for CareFusion

Helgi Tomasson honored for their work

On the same occasion was Helgi Tomasson, artistic director granted special honorary award.Rewards are given person is considered with his work spread Iceland around the world, thus contributing to the positive publicity for our country. Previous winners of this Award include Björk, Kristinn Sigmundsson opera singer, Arnaldur Indriðason writer and photographer RAX.

Helgi Tomasson is one of the most favored choreographers in the world, and has attracted the attention of both the dancer, artistic director and choreographer for over forty years. In the first international ballet competition held in Moscow in 1969 rejected Weekend in second place by Mikhail Baryshnikov. Soon after this was Weekend appointed to the New York City Ballet, where he danced with great reputation in half a decade.

In 1985 suggested Weekend ballet retired and hired in the position of artistic director of San Francisco Ballet, the oldest ballet class of the United States, where he has worked ever since. By Helga has San Francisco Ballet reached the success being among the best contemporary dance groups, in demand worldwide. The main choreographer Helgi party has written a number of ballets, who have been on stage around the world with exceptionally positive response.

San Francisco Ballet will dance in five shows at the Festival in Harpa in May, under the Helga, and thus enjoy the game from the Iceland Symphony Orchestra.

About the export award

The purpose of granting export activities is to draw attention to the macroeconomic importance of foreign currency and international trade and honor those who have made particularly good progress in sales and marketing of local goods and services abroad.

Export prize is awarded for the 28th time they were first granted in 1989. Among other companies have received the award in the past include CCP, Hampiðjan, Fiber Ltd. and Farm Holidays and last year won the Icelandair Group Award. See the list of previous winners .

Allocation rules provide that the award being granted to companies or individuals, domestic or foreign, for successfully exporting Icelandic products or services in foreign markets. Granting of the award based on the value of exports, the share of exports in total sales and expansion into new markets, among others.

The allocation committee were this time: Örnólfur Thorsson, from the President of Iceland, Runólfur Transistor Steindórsson, from the Economics University, Björgólfur Jóhannsson of Commerce, Þórunn Sveinbjörnsdóttir, from the Federation of Labour and Vilborg Einarsdóttir, chairman of Promote Iceland, but Iceland Living responsibility the preparation and the cost of the award.


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