MD Spiro Launches New, Spirometry, Mobile Application, MD Spiro-Flash, Helping Educate Students, Clinicians, and Scientists to Sharpen Diagnostic Skills for Chronic Lung Conditions

LEWISTON, ME – 08-27-2013 — Today, MD Spiro a Micro Direct company proudly announces the launch of their new spirometry mobile application to help students, clinicians, and scientists sharpen their skills for determining chronic lung conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma. The application is a spirometry education app that provides users with the knowledge and skills needed to understand and perform spirometry in their office, followed up with a quiz at the end to test their knowledge after using the app. Additionally, it has been developed to help the end-user stay on top of recent developments and innovations in the field of pulmonary function.

Spirometers measure how much and how quickly a person can move air in and out of their lungs, which tells doctors whether their patient’s airways are impaired. People suffering from asthma or other chronic lung problems typically get measurements of their lung function at their doctor’s office from a spirometer to diagnose and monitor the severity of their lung condition and their response to treatment.

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Primary Care Physician Spirometer this Desktop spirometer with integral printer and color touch screen. Features include 41 test parameters including FEV1, FVC with % predicted, diagnostic interpretation, lung age, choice of predicted normals, child incentives, post bronchodilator comparison and printed report with graphs

“Our goal with this mobile application is to help educate doctors on the significance of performing spirometry in their practice,” said David Staszak, Owner and CEO of MD Spiro. “It is important for us to provide educational tools to help them feel more comfortable with performing spirometry in their office.”

MD Spiro specializes in the sale and support of pulmonary diagnostic medical devices. The ecommerce website and application is designed to help clinicians understand the importance of incorporating spirometry into their practice to help diagnose and treat patients that may suffer from COPD, asthma, and other chronic conditions that affect breathing.

Spirometry may also be used as follow-up to determine if the treatment prescribed is effective. The importance of being able to measure how a patient’s lungs are functioning is crucial in the care of patients with breathing conditions and allergies.

Pulmonary lung function testing has grown as an industry in sports medicine and general practice across the world. It is good medicine to correctly diagnose and treat patients more accurately and effectively in the convenience of a clinician’s office. MD Spiro sells easy-to-use desktop, handheld, PC-Based and screening spirometers, peak flow meters, calibration equipment, and the disposable products that support the equipment.

“Without the proper equipment in your doctor’s office, you cannot correctly and effectively treat your patient. We feel that it is crucial for our products and application to be in every doctor’s office and to teach doctors and patients alike about the importance of performing spirometry in their medical practice,” said Staszak.

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About MD Spiro
MD Spiro was established in 1993. MD Spiro offers medical devices from the pulmonary diagnostic field that helps to evaluate and diagnose patients with lung disease. Their sales and support staff have over 100 years of combined experience in the medical equipment industry. The staff is ready to advise customers on the best products for their practice. They pride themselves on being available for their customers after the sale to provide technical support on equipment operation, proper patient testing techniques and third party insurance billing.

Randy Clare

Randy Clare

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