Be a Hero. Help Your Patients Quit Today.

Introducing the New Freedom From Smoking® Plus from the American Lung Association

About 70 percent of smokers say they want to quit and 40 percent will make a quit attempt this year.

In order to continually provide the most comprehensive and effective program in the country, the American Lung Association unveiled its newest addition to the Freedom From Smoking® program: an interactive, online quit-smoking experience for the 19.4 million tobacco users who make a quit attempt every year.

Coupled with the Freedom program and our smoking cessation product the SmokeCheck Breath CO Monitor, you can help empower your patients to “Be a Hero” for themselves and their family.

Freedom From Smoking® Plus will help smokers quit for good through a new highly engaging platform that includes activities, videos, quizzes and more. Over the course of nine sessions, users create a personalized quit plan, learn about medications to help them quit, get through the rough patches and transition to a smoke-free lifestyle.  In addition, individuals using the program can lean on the support network of the American Lung Association that includes:

  • An online support community with other quitters who understand how hard it can be to quit and can help motivate each other to stay smoke-free.
  • Certified tobacco cessation counselors at theLung HelpLine that are available through 1-800-LUNGUSA any time a quitter has a question or needs extra support during the quitting process.

See in action on your desktop, tablet or smartphone and share this new tool with friends and loved ones that want to .

For over 35 years, our Freedom From Smoking® program has helped hundreds of thousands of people break their addiction to tobacco through our group clinic and through our self-help guide. Thanks to our efforts and those of our partner organizations, there are now more former smokers than current smokers in the United States. With the addition of Freedom From Smoking® Plus, the American Lung Association is poised to help even more people be smoke-free for good.

To celebrate the successes of people that have found smoke-free freedom, we are sharing personal stories from former smokers. Through the EACH Breath blog, ten individuals will share how they were able to break their addiction to tobacco and encourage smokers to give quitting a try. You can follow their stories on Facebook and Twitter with #TheDayIQuit. In the first installation of the series, Susan shares that she doesn’t “remember anniversaries or birthdays, but I remember my quit day!”

Help your patients be successful by sharing their heroic journey on the road to quitting with the help of .


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