Nox T3 by Carefusion medical grade sleep Bruxism monitor

Dr Gordon J Christensen Suggests Testing for Sleep Bruxism

Sleep Scholar has been very interested in the link between OSA and (tooth grinding). The link in the literature is clear however the link between the literature and the practicing dentist has a long way to go. I recently purchased a DVD by Gordon Christensen DDS, MSD, PHD the chief clinician and educator behind Practical Clinical Courses. Dr Christensen demonstrates the use of the Nox T3 home sleep study by Carefusion, a home sleep testing device with the ability to measure cheek EMG. Cheek EMG is measured by placing an EMG lead on the masseter muscle and the zygomatic arch. ICD-2 defines sleep bruxism as “an oral parafunction characterized by grinding or clenching of the teeth during sleep that is associated with an excessive (intense) sleep arousal activity.”

“Dr. Gordon Christensen’s background and the proven reliability of his dentistry presentations have made him one of the most admired speakers in dentistry for several decades. He has helped initiate two new dental schools, delivered over 45,000 hours of continuing education, co-founded the most well-known private dental research institute in the world CLINICIANS REPORT (formerly Clinical Research Associates), produced hundreds of multimedia dental presentations, and has written hundreds of articles and several books.”

This is a preview of the video I purchased and I hope you take a look.



Is there a more frustrating situation than when you observe patients destroying their dentitions without any knowledge about the seriousness of the condition? This

Nox T3 by Carefusion medical grade sleep Bruxism monitor
Nox T3 home sleep test by CareFusion

DVD includes Gordon’s clinical observations, techniques, and experiences over several decades of preventing and treating bruxism and clenching.  Yes! It is possible to reduce or sometimes eliminate tooth destruction with proper techniques.

For more detailed information on the Nox T3 by Carefusion or for Nox T3 education online

Nox Academy

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Randy Clare

Randy Clare

Randy Clare brings to The Sleep and Respiratory Scholar more than 25 years of extensive knowledge and experience in the sleep and pulmonary function field. He has held numerous management positions throughout his career and has demonstrated a unique view of the alternate care diagnostic and therapy model. He is considered by many an expert in the use of oral appliances like Silent Nite, EMA and TAP to treat snoring and sleep apnea in the dental office. Mr. Clare's extensive sleep industry experience assists Sleepandrespiratoryscholar in providing current, relevant, data-proven information on sleep diagnostics and sleep therapies that are effective for the treatment of sleep disorders. Mr Clare is director of business development for Glidewell a dental solutions company his focus is on dental treatment for sleep disordered breathing.

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