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Bob Rutan’s Notebook: Never Too Late

Helen is 90 yrs. old.  She lives independently, is in good health, still drives and enjoys life.  Helen also has Sleep Apnea  her story shows its never too late. This is her story.

In 2008 her new husband suggested that she have a sleep test since she was always tired, snored and stopped breathing at night.  With a test result of OSA, Helen decided that she wasn’t too old to try something new and began her CPAP therapy.  Up to this point her story sounds like thousands of others, however there was one difference. Helen had been given a sample of a new product called RemZzzs® to try out, with strict instructions not to talk about using the product. “This is in a testing phase,” she was told.

After 3 weeks her therapist called, “Are you experiencing any problems, like air leaks or discomfort?” Helen’s reply of “I am sleeping like a baby” was met by a long ‘p a u s e’ before the therapist asked, “Are you SURE you’re wearing your mask each night?” Months later while visiting the medical supply center where Helen was a patient, the story was told
about 90 yr old Helen, who reported “no problems” to her Therapist.  Everyone decided that she was either not using the CPAP equipment…or that she was somewhat senile! This gave the opportunity to share with the Therapist and staff the real reason for Helen’s immediate success and compliance with CPAP therapy.  She had used a RemZzzs® mask liner from day one.

Now, 6 years later Helen continues to thrive…feeling, looking and acting like a much younger woman.  How do I know so much about this lady, you may ask?  Helen is my mother-in-law. I am thankful and blessed to have her with us still. CPAP therapy with RemZzzs® has made all the difference. It is never too late.

Bob Rutan

Inventor of RemZzzs® CPAP Mask Liners, the innovative solution for CPAP mask discomfort, air leaks and non-compliance. RemZzzs® was listed as one of the top ten finalists of the 2015 Medtrade Spring Innovative Products Awards, sponsored by Homecare Magazine. In March 2007, his wife was struggling to continue CPAP therapy for her moderate-to-severe OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), and Robert was desperate to find an answer for her. After much thought and prayer, he awoke one night with the idea of a fabric gasket to stop air leaks and increase comfort. By Jan. 2009 this “idea” became a reality when RemZzzs® became available online as the first-of-a-kind mask liner accessory. RemZzzs® is sold nationwide online and via Home Medical Supply stores. Internationally, distributors in Australia, Europe and Canada sell to their respective markets. Robert Rutan holds a patent on the product in the USA, Australia, Canada, China, Israel, and Mexico; with patent pending status in EU and several other countries. Mr. Rutan travels across the USA, speaking, presenting and demonstrating the use of RemZzzs® to doctors, nurses, sleep techs and individuals. His passion is to help people find success with their CPAP therapy.

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  1. Inspiring story. So many people are plagued with sleep apnea and it can sometimes be life threatening. Amazing to hear that this lady was willing to adjust at such an old age. Thanks Bob for sharing! Do you have any other products or natural medicines that you recommend for sleep apnea?

  2. I’m astounded by her outlook that she took a chance so that her health might improve. I love her positivity and it definitely brought her to a better position now. It’s amazing to be able to read old people still going strong, not confined on the hospital mattress and enjoying life as they like it.

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