Carl Eller Game Changer

Bob Rutan’s Notebook: Carl Eller Still a Game Changer

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Traveling across the NW and Western states this summer in the RV

Remzzzs Game Changer
Remzzzs Game Changer

and towing the car, we’ve had many adults approach us nearly everyday asking questions like, “Is this ’s car… is Carl in the car…or why do you have on your car?”  But this is the first child to walk up and talk with Bob…and of course Bob always tells the story of RemZzzs® and how is wearing it and living a healthier, more active life!

We thought you’d fin the  encounter interesting & heart-warming…
At a campground where we stayed overnight in Bozeman, MT,  an adult and young boy approached Bob while he was busy washing the Jeep (wrapped with Carl Eller’s “Game-Changer” campaign graphics!)
Carl Eller Game Changer
Young Carl Eller fan

Wearing his bright purple Vikings sweatshirt and a big smile, the boy exclaimed that he knows all about Carl Eller being one of the “Purple People Eaters” and that he is a big fan!  He asked for a picture to be taken next to Carl. Bob gave him his card and and asked permission to post the picture online.  Later, Bob received a “Thank you” text giving permission to post the picture on social media.  It said, “Of course. Mike Berumen is from Billings, MT.  He is a great fan and would like in any way to connect with the accomplished guys of the game.”

Check out our video about Carl Eller and his experience using RemZzzs® with his CPAP therapy!  Carl is an NFL Hall of Famer who played with the MN Vikings in the 60-70s.  He was one of the legendary “Purple People Eaters!”  Carl’s NFL career spanned from 1964-79

Bob Rutan

Inventor of RemZzzs® CPAP Mask Liners, the innovative solution for CPAP mask discomfort, air leaks and non-compliance. RemZzzs® was listed as one of the top ten finalists of the 2015 Medtrade Spring Innovative Products Awards, sponsored by Homecare Magazine. In March 2007, his wife was struggling to continue CPAP therapy for her moderate-to-severe OSA (obstructive sleep apnea), and Robert was desperate to find an answer for her. After much thought and prayer, he awoke one night with the idea of a fabric gasket to stop air leaks and increase comfort. By Jan. 2009 this “idea” became a reality when RemZzzs® became available online as the first-of-a-kind mask liner accessory. RemZzzs® is sold nationwide online and via Home Medical Supply stores. Internationally, distributors in Australia, Europe and Canada sell to their respective markets. Robert Rutan holds a patent on the product in the USA, Australia, Canada, China, Israel, and Mexico; with patent pending status in EU and several other countries. Mr. Rutan travels across the USA, speaking, presenting and demonstrating the use of RemZzzs® to doctors, nurses, sleep techs and individuals. His passion is to help people find success with their CPAP therapy.

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