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Hey, Sleep and Respiratory Enthusiast,

If you spend time thinking about how you can sleep better. Or do you wonder how snoring works and how snoring turns into sleep apnea. Maybe you wonder how asthma and allergies affect your health. Perhaps sleep and pulmonary diagnostics are interesting to you. Mechanical ventilation has also been in the news latley. Well you have come to the right place. All opinions expressed are mine. If you have questions let me know I might do the research and write an article.

My name is Randy Clare I have been working my entire career to help clinicians treat sleep and breathing. I am not a clinician I am a sales and marketing professional with a very specific point of view. My opinions have been formed after years of helping clinicians solve problems of airway, lung function and ventilation. I have never borne the burden of treating a patient.

Apneaguy is Randy Clare
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