Attendee Feedback from the Mini Residency in Sleep Disorders Dentistry

A graduate of the recent Mini Residency in Sleep Disorders Dentistry held in Toronto Canada sent Dental Services Dental Lab the following email,


“Hi Kathleen (DSG Lab),

Thanks for all the goodies when you came to our office to talk and for your presence and support at Dr. Viviano’s course. Used your materials to create a great awareness display at the office. Hopefully I’ll be sending some cases your way in the near future!

Dr. Sean Robertson”

Mini Residency in Sleep Disorders Dentistry


Dr. Robertson can now consider himself a Sleep Disorders Dentist. After attending this Mini Residency in Sleep Disorders Dentistry CE program , he is motivated, understands the process, has the necessary communication skills to communicate with patient’s, physicians, insurance companies and litigation lawyers, and is set up to make “Patient Specific” case presentations with “patient appropriate” appliances.

“I have known John Viviano for over 20 years, and I can tell you that this is exactly the level of confidence and depth of knowledge that he strove to instill when he first spoke to me about the Mini Residency in Sleep Disorders Dentistry program; a Sleep Disorders Dentist, armed with all the information, verbal skills, technical knowledge and tools necessary to practice Dental Sleep Medicine with confidence.” – Randy Clare Editor SleepScholar

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Over 4 days, the attendees obtained intimate, hands-on experience with a variety of appliances including the Narval CC, TAP Elite 3, MyTAP, Somnodent, EMA, AveoTSD and ApneaGuard. They also experienced baseline and post appliance insertion Home Sleep Studies with either a NOX T3 by Carefusion or ApneaLink HST. Some of the key areas included in the curriculum were:


  • Appropriate patient treatment alternatives as per the current “Standard of Care”
  • The “Lingo”, communicating with physicians, insurance carriers, patients and licensing bodies
  • Sleep Study results and utilizing their information to optimize outcomes
  • Appliance Anatomy as it relates to appliance selection and oral appliance side effects
  • Management of both short and long term oral appliance side effects
  • Various bite registration techniques from a literature perspective
  • Combining therapies to optimize outcomes
  • Home Sleep Testing for optimizing treatment outcomes and physician communication
  • American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine Protocols
  • Documentation your licensing body expects
  • How to access the untapped potential in your practice
  • Conversing intelligently in an evidence based manner with patients and physicians
  • Dealing with obstacles: Re-imbursement, CPAP-bias, non-believers, our own insecurities


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John Viviano B.Sc. DDS Diplomate ABDSM

John Viviano B.Sc. DDS Diplomate ABDSM

John Viviano B.Sc. DDS Diplomate ABDSM; from Mississauga ON Canada,obtained his credentials from U of T in 1983, he provides conservative therapy for snoring and sleep apnea and Sleep Bruxism in his clinic, Limited to the Management of Breathing Related Sleep Disorders. A member of various sleep organizations, he is a Credentialed Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine, and has lectured internationally regarding management of Sleep-Disordered Breathing and the use of Acoustic Reflection. Dr Viviano has also conducted original research, authored articles and established protocols on the use of Acoustic Reflection for assessing the Upper Airway and its Normalization. For more info or to contact Dr Viviano click: Website SleepDisordersDentistry LinkedIn Discussion Group

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